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  Representation in court
  Business consulting
  Right intellectual propietatii
  Insolvency and liquidation
  Incorporation resident companies

Insolvency and Liquidation
  Representation in court
  Business Consulting
  Intelectual property right
  Insolvency and liquidation
  Incorporation resident companies
  Incorporation of non-resident companies
 Insolvency and Liquidation.

"The Lawyers" offers legal advice in this case involving a company in insolvency or liquidation, but also in reorganization and development activities and/ or liquidation, judicial or voluntary.

  • voluntary and judicial liquidation. Our lawyers represent the company in case of judicial liquidation and voluntary; certified appraisers ANEVAR manages all evaluation problems and capitalization of company's goods in the interests of customers, sales and marketing specialists analyzed forced best scenarios for exploitation of the assets of any nature.
  • reorganization to optimize profit centers, especially in situations where the structure/ nature heritage debtor does not allow full coverage of claims. These situations are found when the insolvent debtor's assets are located on valuable item but unsalable as licenses, ford commercial, or ability to acquire rights intuituu personae.
  • restructuring the financial and economic rehabilitation of the economic agents, in cases in where they are affected by a temporary embarrassment about cash flow. In these situations, it starts with the aim of establishing an optimal cash flow and based on that appropriate measures, optimization of recovery of debts, recoveries particularly friendly, and identifying the better legal tools to secure commercial credit.
  • establishing the legal status of diagnosis and the legal heritage of the company (the legal due-diligence), including the case of mergers and divisions.
  • providing crisis management consulting and insurance.
  • feasibility studies on the changes in capital structure (privatization, takeover, emisune new shares, etc.)

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